Real World Evidence Analytics

Capitalize on clinically-rich insights obtained from real world data to accelerate the timelines of clinical trials and improve the costs and efficiencies associated with clinical research and development.

Are you looking to accelerate clinical trials with the help of data-driven insights?

With insights obtained from the analysis of real world data sets that reflect the global healthcare landscape, Quantzig aims to help life sciences and pharma companies analyze disease progression patterns while providing both population and in-depth clinical insights.

Quantzig’s bespoke real world evidence analytics solutions also support clients in generating and communicating the evidence around their offerings’ effectiveness, safety, and value. From providing value assessment frameworks to realization, we help align regulatory policies, clinical evidence, and reimbursement strategies with product value, coverage, and market access to drive value for both payers and providers.

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How Does Quantzig Work?

Request a free proposal to learn how our real world evidence analytics solutions empower life sciences and pharma companies with new capabilities, successful implementations, proven data models, and vetted processes to realize exceptional results across the enterprise.

Patient Engagement

Many physician groups and healthcare organizations continue to face cost and quality management challenges with the industry-wide transition to value-based payment models and personalized healthcare. Improving patient engagement across every touchpoint in the patient’s journey can help stakeholders and key decision-makers tackle these challenges while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics experts partner with healthcare service providers and pharma companies to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our solutions have helped leading healthcare organizations understand and demonstrate the value of pharma and medical device innovations while empowering patients with quick access to evidence-based information through easy to access visual dashboards that provide clinical and non-clinical insights.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Patient Journey Analytics


In today’s highly digitized and continually evolving pharma and life sciences marketplace, business leaders are challenged to find novel approaches to demonstrate product value and strive for innovation. At the same time, understanding patient journeys is crucial to maximizing the efficacy of treatments. But even with access to real world data, leading businesses struggle to identify critical moments in care that have the most significant impact on treatments and therapies delivered.

Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics solutions help life sciences and pharmaceutical companies gauge drug efficacy and treatment outcomes based on a detailed analysis of patient journeys right from symptom diagnosis and disease progression to treatment and resolution.

Healthcare Provider Journey Mapping

Developing an impactful marketing strategy in today’s dynamic pharma marketplace requires a holistic approach to healthcare provider journey mapping, one that reconsiders the patient voice and sentiments. In addition, factors like the growing inclination towards patient-centric models, coupled with mounting time and cost pressures, have made it essential to analyze physicians’ prescribing decisions prior to developing new strategies.

In such a scenario, adopting a holistic approach to healthcare provider journey mapping as opposed to the conventional methods based purely on clinical journeys may mean the difference between thriving amidst disruptions or lagging behind the competition. Quantzig’s real world evidence analytics experts help analyze physicians’ practice patterns, the delivery of post-primary preventive care services, and the cost-efficiency index of individual physicians through healthcare provider journey mapping.

Action Analytics

FAQs – Real World Evidence Analytics

What exactly is real world evidence analytics?

Real world data (RWD) includes information about impact of overall patient health, reported patient health outcomes, and impact of drugs and therapeutics outside clinical trials. Real world evidence analytics is the process of analyzing RWD to discover intelligent, actionable insights that detail the potential benefits/risks of medical products and aid in decision making.

What is the purpose of real world evidence analytics?

Real world evidence analytics allows pharmaceutical companies to draw on numerous patient characteristics to obtain a better understanding of what drives outcomes. This enables them to obtain insights into drug performance, differentiation at the subpopulation level, run accurate scenarios with predictive analysis, and generate large-scale hypotheses across therapies and usage, pricing points, procurement of raw materials, distribution, sales, and profitability.

What is the future of real world evidence analytics?

As the importance of real world evidence analytics continues to rise, the next step is for pharmaceutical companies to adopt enterprise-wide technology solutions coupled with AI, ML, automation, revamp operating models to support end-to-end evidence management, break down organizational siloes, and create strategic partnerships with collaborative models of engagement.

Why should I choose real world evidence analytics solutions for my business?

Real world evidence analytics plays an important role across the pharmaceutical value chain.

  1. Research and development
    1. Innovate and improve trial designs
    2. Improve time to market
    3. Refine formulae
    4. Monitor real-world outcomes
  2. Sales and marketing
    1. Improve patient targeting
    2. Shape product positioning
    3. Give point of care recommendations basis prediction of disease progression/risk
  3. Medical
    1. Improve pharmacovigilance
    2. Create a granular view of benefits/risks
    3. Analyze efficacy
    4. Monitor unmet patient needs
How do I test if real world evidence solutions work for my organization?

Test out Quantzig’s advanced real world evidence analytics solutions to solve your complex business challenges at no cost with our 4-week complimentary pilot. This offer bears no hidden clauses and serves as a perfect opportunity to explore our value proposition and gauge organizational synergies.

During the 4-week pilot, you will be working with our advanced analytics experts who leverage the latest advanced analytics and visualization tools and techniques, statistical approaches, and platforms—designed and custom-built to suit your needs to deliver solutions with the power to transform your business.

With real world data analytics expertise that spans several key areas of pharma and healthcare, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with leading healthcare organizations to co-create and implement data-driven solutions with the flexibility and scalability to handle changes now and in the future.

The real world evidence analytics solutions conceptualized and designed by our experts aim to deliver best-of-breed, integrated data analytics solutions with reporting and data dashboarding capabilities to help clients transform real world data into actionable insights.

When data is treated as a strategic asset, businesses can easily transition into an analytics-driven organization and use data for decision-making. As such, there’s a great wealth for life sciences and pharma companies waiting to be tapped in a diverse range of real world data relating to products, brands, practices, research, compliance, and drug usage.

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