Patient Engagement

Identify and bridge care gaps by creating superior patient experiences and delivering maximum value at every interaction point.

The healthcare industry is beginning to catch up with the rest of the business world when it comes to devising customer-centric engagement strategies. The realities of today’s healthcare marketplace, combined with the shift from fee-for-service to outcomes-based payment models, are key to driving healthcare service providers to redefine patient engagement strategies. While healthcare providers make positive strides toward redefining the patient perception of clinical interactions, it is crucial to ensure they cater to the individualized needs of patients based on their personal health history and gaps in their care. This is of utmost importance since creating an engaging experience for your patients not only drives financially sound practices but builds trust, loyalty, and healthier communities.

With deep-domain expertise covering several areas of patient engagement, Quantzig has been at the leading edge in helping healthcare providers prospectively engage their patients in a personalized and timely manner for more than a decade. Our comprehensive patient engagement solutions and analytics capabilities have proven to complement the internal capabilities and expertise of healthcare providers globally. By leveraging a strategic approach, we help our clients create a more consistent end-to-end patient experience and achieve the right balance between low-cost and high-touch capabilities.

Core Capabilities

Optimize Patient Engagement

Data and technology amp up value when it comes to involving patients in their healthcare journey. Understanding how patients engage with your organization, why they rely on your services, and how to best communicate with them is paramount to optimize digital patient engagement and devise patient-centric strategies across channels. This not only develops value-based relationships between health systems and patients but also enhances mutual trust and credibility.

Quantzig’s patient engagement capabilities, coupled with advanced analytics expertise, help healthcare service providers optimize patient engagement across touchpoints by engaging patients and encouraging participation in their healthcare.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

With the industry-wide transition to value-based payments, healthcare service providers are now devising robust patient engagement strategies to increase patient satisfaction and improve outcomes while keeping costs low. Hence, stakeholders across the healthcare value chain, including physicians, healthcare providers, and regulatory bodies, have started turning to patient engagement solutions to guide their decisions and improve patient satisfaction rates.

To meet the demands of today’s patient-centric healthcare environment, Quantzig delivers a suite of analytics powered solutions to drive patient satisfaction and improve outcomes. By creating a continuous feedback loop to keep a pulse on patient health and satisfaction rates, we empower our clients to effectively engage the patients they serve.

Quantzig’s patient engagement solutions are designed by a team of experts who have a deep understanding of healthcare market dynamics. We can help you create a plan and put all the pieces in place to make it easy for patients to actively manage their health.

Our patient engagement solutions can also help you design and implement highly personalized digital patient engagement strategies to strengthen your bond with patients and improve their overall experience.

Our patient engagement capabilities are proven to drive meaningful impact to engage, connect, and encourage your patients.

Request a free proposal to learn how we can help you build a patient-centric culture with a focus on patient engagement, cost reduction, service quality improvement.

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