Patient Journey Analytics

Decode data to gain patient-specific clinical insights and take corrective actions to improve quality scores


Gain a holistic view of the patient journey by integrating data from disparate sources

With consumers seeking greater value and better care, healthcare providers are increasingly looking at implementing analytical tools that will better manage their administrative processes and improve process efficiencies. For life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, patient journey analytics can help identify the most effective drugs or treatment patterns based on a detailed analysis of patient journeys. But that is just one of the many benefits that can be obtained by leveraging patient journey analytics. Insight into how to better connect with patients, understanding the vocabularies utilized by them, understanding barriers and unmet needs can all be uncovered using advanced patient journey analytics solutions.


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Quickly identify and close care gaps with real-time actionable intelligence

Quantzig’s patient journey analytics can serve as the platform to unite stakeholders across the health care ecosystem to achieve one overarching goal i.e., the affordable management of healthcare, both individually and across the population. In addition to offering unprecedented real-time insights, our patient journey analytics solutions help healthcare providers navigate the journey from providing care to managing health by offering adequate insights on optimizing performance across patient access, coding and documentation, and reimbursement.

Quantzig’s Patient Journey Analytics Capabilities

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    Diagnostic and Treatment Overview

    We adopt a comprehensive patient journey analytics based approach that helps healthcare service providers to gain in-depth insights into the treatment pathways. Our patient journey analytics solutions also focus on defining the appropriate structures, care delivery and care management models that will redefine how care is delivered in a patient-centric way.

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    Improve Client Conversion Rates

    Quantzig’s advanced patient journey analytics solutions help build a robust roadmap that accounts for market needs, financial impacts and provider network strategies so that healthcare organizations can readily program the milestones around which they can convert to a more value-based system and improve client conversion rates.

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    Strategies to Increase Patient Outreach

    Increasing patient outreach is crucial for ensuring positive healthcare outcomes and patient engagement rates. Our comprehensive suite of advanced patient journey analytics solutions empowers healthcare organizations to devise analytics-driven strategies to increase patient outreach and value delivered.

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    Visualize Patient Treatment Pathway

    Interactive healthcare analytics dashboards help businesses visualize treatment pathways and identify the factors that impact the outcome. By visualizing robust patient-level data you can efficiently monitor patient pathways and create patient journey maps to gain a better understanding of your patient journeys.

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