Patient Journey Mapping

Gain a holistic view of clinical pathways and unravel new insights by integrating data from disparate sources.

Global healthcare systems are experiencing significant change due to shifting market forces. As such, we are now at the cusp of an industry-wide transformation and a significant step forward in effectively diagnosing, treating, managing, and, ideally, preventing chronic and acute diseases. At the same time, healthcare service providers face many challenges due to the influx of patient data, budget constraints, and limited resources. Due to these factors streamlining workflows, increasing efficiencies, and enhancing the quality of care has become extremely important to maintain positive patient experiences.

Patient journey mapping turns out to be a widely accepted, proven solution that can help healthcare providers tackle these challenges. With global experience in delivering patient journey analytics solutions to some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations, Quantzig provides robust patient journey mapping frameworks and analytics models to facilitate the successful delivery of healthcare services. Quantzig’s patient journey mapping solutions also enable healthcare providers to map patient interactions with healthcare systems to understand their experiences across touchpoints.

Core Capabilities

Diagnostic Data Analytics

The ability to address the ongoing challenges in healthcare forms the basis of all KPIs for healthcare providers. The inability to do so can negatively impact the bottom line, create reputational damage, lead to patient dissatisfaction, and result in a competitive disadvantage.

Patient journey mapping enables healthcare providers to analyze diagnostic data sets in real-time to gain in-depth insights into the treatment pathways. Diagnostic data analytics takes this a step further by offering detailed insights on why past events happened, enabling healthcare providers to delve into the root cause of occurrences.

Improving Patient Outreach

It’s essential to continually engage your patients to ensure that they get the best medical attention and care. In fact, improved patient outreach programs have proven to drive a two-fold increase in overall health outcomes, and this is in the best interest of your organization and patients.

We offer advanced patient journey analytics solutions to keep in constant communication with your patients, irrespective of your organization’s size. Our comprehensive suite of advanced patient journey mapping solutions empowers healthcare organizations to devise analytics-driven strategies to increase patient outreach and value delivered.

Today the prospect of more personalized healthcare is accelerating globally. As such, remote access, localized support, and data-driven decision-making are all turning out to be crucial for creating personalized patient experiences that will drive better healthcare outcomes.

Quantzig’s patient journey mapping solutions are designed to highlight patient experiences across touchpoints, helping healthcare service providers to develop strategies and tailored experiences to improve patient satisfaction.

To effectively reach and engage today’s value-driven, well-informed customers, healthcare providers must focus on creating exceptional experiences for patients that lead to increased brand awareness, higher conversions, and patient retention.

The best way to understand the end-to-end patient experience and determine areas for improvement is by leveraging patient journey analytics to analyze care pathways. Request a free proposal to learn how our patient journey analytics solutions can help you build a patient-centric culture focusing on patient satisfaction, cost reduction, and retention.

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