Physician Journey Analysis

Develop impactful pharma marketing and communications strategies by adopting a more holistic approach to physician journey analysis


Gain a holistic view of physician journeys by integrating data from disparate sources

It is overwhelming for physicians to keep pace with the industry trends or have all the knowledge available to them. By offering effective insights, Quantzig’s physician journey analysis solutions help healthcare industry players understand the next best marketing action at each stage of the physician journey. Our analytics solutions also offer key insights to strengthen physician engagement by segmenting physicians based on prescription behavior.


Physician Journey



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Rethink traditional physician engagement strategies to innovate and grow

Quantzig’s physician journey analytics solutions help organizations to create a comprehensive database of different physician parameters. We facilitate this by using highly sophisticated algorithms along with in-depth research of the medical domain. Our physician journey analytics solutions combined with our industry knowledge has the potential to identify physicians who offer high quality, cost-effective care. Our patient journey analytics solutions aim to extensively analyze the practice patterns of physicians, the delivery of post-primary preventive care services, and cost efficiency index of individual physicians to profile and segment them into different groups.

Quantzig’s Physician Journey Analysis Capabilities

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    Market Analysis of Product Offerings

    Physician journey analysis combined with market insights helps observe the healthcare market segment from close quarters to define a global market scenario and analyze factors affecting growth. A detailed review of major companies also offers in-depth insights into the operational verticals, product offerings, and geographical footprints of industry peers.

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    Assess Diagnostic and Treatment Behaviors

    Quantzig’s physician journey analysis solutions adopt a multi-step approach that revolves around analyzing patient data to produce a visual representation of the treatment pathways. With such detailed insights, you can not only eliminate bottlenecks in care but better allocate resources and build better treatment plans for becoming a center of excellence for a given pathology.

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    Evaluate the Efficacy of Drug Discovery

    The progress from drug discovery to its commercialization is complex and expensive. Before a new drug comes to market, it should be tested and evaluated in several ways. Drug efficacy evaluation provides the basic analytics framework for making precise decisions about a new drug’s role in therapy.

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    Analyze Product Portfolio of Competitors

    The recent shift toward consumerism and patient engagement is driving healthcare organizations to analyze the product portfolio of their competitors. Product portfolio analysis is an increasingly popular framework for strategic planning within multiproduct corporations. Analyzing your competitor's offerings helps you to better position yourself and drive major transformations across the organization.

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