Top Reasons Behind the Growing Importance of Business Analytics That You Must Know

Sep 3, 2018

Business analytics is the methodology or tool that breaks down past performances to draw the plan for the future and make informed decisions. It essentially comprises of quantitative and statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, multivariate testing, and more. Today, every organization is trying its best to use business analytics for its decision-making purposes. It is a must-have for businesses that want to excel in today’s competitive landscape and stay ahead of the curve. There are several advantages associated with business analytics, but before digging deeper into it, let’s understand it in simple terms first.

It can be defined as the study of data through operational and statistical analysis, application of optimization techniques, the formation of predictive models, and communication of results to the business. It leverages evidence-based data and quantitative methods for decision making and business modeling.

The Importance of Business Analytics

  • It helps businesses make sound commercial decisions, helping them increase the profitability of the organization, boost its market share and revenue, and gain a better return on investments.
  • It helps in understanding the available primary and secondary data more comprehensively, which, in turn, enhances the operational efficiency of several departments in the organization.
  • It helps in gaining a competitive edge over other players in the market by enabling businesses to make data-driven, informed decisions, and learn from their past mistakes.
  • It converts available data into valuable information and helps in attaining the desired outcome and positive results for the organization.

There is a stagnation of processes when an organization makes a wrong move. That wrong move could be a delay in making decisions due to the lack of information or proposing an alien idea due to the availability of fewer data. This is where the importance of business analytics is realized. Here is the list of the key advantages of business analytics, if realized and understood well, can make a huge difference to the business’ growth.

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Advantages of Business Analytics

1. Helps in Curtailing Risks

This is one of the most important reasons for the growing importance of business analytics. It helps in making the right choices based on factors like customer preferences, changing trends, and enables organizations to learn from their past performance and mistakes. This, in turn, helps organizations avoid risks in both the short and the long term.

2. Helps in Accurate Decision Making

It makes the decision-making process more accurate as it helps in understanding the sentiments of the customers towards the company, its brand, and products. With efficiency in decision making, the organization can stay ahead of their competitors.

3. Helps in Achieving Efficiency

With the advent of business analytics, the efficiency of businesses has been consistently improving as it enables organizations to gather large volumes of data, study it, analyze it, and obtain sound, actionable insights from it swiftly.

4. Helps in Gaining Valuable Insights

Business analytics makes use of quantitative methods to derive meaning from the vast amounts of data available to an organization and provides them with useful insights that help them make informed decisions.

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