Customer Retention Analytics Help Client Improve Forecasting Accuracy by 17% 

Dec 12, 2022

Top Customer Retention Strategies for the Industry 

Inspire with a mission: As consumers are more focused on the environmental and altruistic effects it is crucial for businesses to come up with a relevant missions. 

Empower customers with convenience: Identifying the needs, desires, and behaviors of the target customers and creating tools and systems that empower them is the single most important thing a business must do to sustain themselves in this competitive market. 

Speak to customers: Today, it is important not to underestimate the power of one-to-one conversations with clients. This can help businesses update both overall marketing as well as retention strategies. 

Capitalize on social proof: Using customer testimonials and information to attract new customers and convince existing customers to stick around or upgrade their products can be achieved by making use of social media networks. 

Adopting a multidimensional approach to customer retention can help companies to target customers by understanding their behavior, needs, and value. Contact us for detailed solution insights.

Customer retention refers to a business’s capability to attract customers and enhance customer loyalty. It not only helps you to understand your customer’s experience but leverages their interest in making repeat purchases. This makes it essential to leverage customer retention strategies to gauges the health of your customer relationships. 

Here are the top five customer retention strategies to boost sales and drive business growth: 

Personalization Is the Key to Success: The advancements in technology have made personalization more accessible to retailers across industries. Several POS systems are programmed to track customers’ purchase history and sync them with a loyalty program that best suits them. 

Create an Online Community: Developing a community around your brand helps to nurture authentic relationships and drives customer loyalty. 

Implement Customer Loyalty Programs: One way to know your customers better and drive customer retention is to offer relevant value through a customer loyalty program. This also provides in-depth insights into your customer purchase patterns. 

Be Proactive and Offer Advanced Customer Support Services: Employees are an integral part of your customer retention initiatives as they act as the human extension of your brand. This makes it essential to build stronger relationships with them. 

Nurture Relationships Through Post-Purchase Communications: Strong customer relationships drive brand loyalty thereby making customers make repeat purchases. This very fact necessitates the need to treat customers better rather than considering them as sales leads. 

Request a free proposal today to know more about churn prediction and analysis and how it helps in understanding customer behavior, identify friction points, enabling organizations to prioritize key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Customer Retention Challenges Faced by the Client 

The client – a global telecom industry player wanted to improve their current customer churn forecast mechanism to accurately predict demand. Also, the global telecom industry player was involved in a range of marketing activities, and understanding the best customer forecast model was of paramount importance. 

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To maintain a competitive advantage in an environment where customers expect round-the-clock access to the best services both online and offline, the lifestyle brand wanted to revamp their strategies. The clients’ aim was to enhance the customer’s experience through smarter and personalized services while reducing customer churn. To address this challenge and increase customer retention rates the lifestyle brand wanted to collaborate with a well-known analytics firm such as ours, in order to bring together industry insights, technology, and advanced analytic insights to improve increase customer retention. 

Revolutionary Customer Retention Analytics Solutions 

With the help of Quantzig’s customer retention strategies and customer retention tactics, the global telecom industry player identified the impact of pricing and coverage on the number of subscriptions. Additionally, customer retention strategies and customer retention tactics helped the company strategize their marketing initiatives to improve revenue. This further helps the client improve forecasting accuracy by about 17%. 

Quantzig’s customer analytics experts appended customer data obtained from several real-time data sources to identify and target high potential customer groups. With the help of the collected data, an effort was made to analyze and ascertain customer views and preferences for the lifestyle brand. Moreover, our customer analytics experts offered turn-key solutions to help the premium lifestyle brand develop targeted customer retention strategies, thereby helping them win customers repeatedly with every interaction. 

The key focus areas of our solutions were: 

  • Analyzing ways to improve customer retention 
  • Reducing customer churn 

Here are some of the benefits the client was able to reap through superior customer retention analytics: 

Educate about product value: Loyalty is typically built by educating customers about the value of the products. Also, businesses must identify what makes a brand special and why buying particular products makes customers feel special. 

Gamify to drive loyalty: Gamification acts as a bridge to facilitate better brand interactions with customers. Also, gamification revolves around improving customer engagement. 

Improving sales funnel: Shifting the business focus to retaining more customers and commissioning a few of these customer retention tactics will boost revenue for companies in the global telecom industry space. 

Continue reading to know more about Quantzig’s customer retention strategies and customer retention tactics or request a proposal. 

Impact Delivered 

Our objective is to bring together the best combination of analysts and consultants to complement global telecom industry players with a shared need to discover and build capabilities and drive continuous business excellence through robust customer retention strategies and customer retention tactics. At Quantzig, we authoritatively believe that the competences to harness maximum insights from the influx of unremitting information around us will drive any organization’s competitive eagerness and success.

The global telecom industry is continually altering because of the enduring innovations and developments taking place constantly and at a rapid pace. 5G trials and its deployment in the sector will be a key focus in the years to come. Additionally, innovative services such as e-agriculture and e-education, affordability of services, and the demand for high-speed internet are various factors fueling the growth of the global telecom industry. 

The client was able to realize:  

• Low marketing cost 

• Improves brand affinity 

• Turns customers into brand advocates 

•Boosts sales and drives business growth 

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