Customer Segmentation in the Gluten Free Diet Foods Segment: A Customer Analytics Case Study by Quantzig

Aug 20, 2018

Customer Segmentation Analysis Benefits

If you are familiar with the concept of customer segmentation analysis, you should be quite clear that there is no one size fits all approach. The approach and the adopted customer segmentation models vary from industry to industry depending on their end goal and future objectives. What is even more fascinating about segmentation analysis is that it enables organizations to cluster their customers. However, once the customers are clustered it becomes much easier for companies to target the customer segments with suitable marketing strategies.

Moreover, as you keep analyzing your customers, you will gain a clearer picture of your customer base, which, in turn, will enable you to segment your clientele into distinct groups. This is exactly what our segmentation analysis solutions are designed for.

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Customer Segmentation Models for Food Industry Players

Personalization of the customer experience is a proven methodology to enhance sales and customer retention, but this would not be achievable without the implementation of appropriate segmentation models. Here are three such models for food industry players:

Segmentation based on touchpoint engagement: Customer touchpoints help reveal a lot about customer behaviors. It also helps retain customers by examining their post-purchase behaviors and how they interact with your business on a regular basis. This model is widely adopted across industries and basically revolves around the study of different touchpoints that your customers have with your business after their initial conversion.

Segmentation based on customer goals: This model is the end result of examing multiple data sources including information related to geography, demographics, and customer behavior. Information gathered from each of these data sources are then categorized into wider profiles that are centered around the specific goals of customers.

Segmentation based on purchasing patterns: Attracting customers with the right offer at the right moment is the basic strategy to enhance sales. Segmentation models based on purchasing patterns of your customers enable you to easily spot purchase patterns using which you can further devise profiles for segmentation. Moreover, gaining detailed insights into when, what, and how your customers interact with your brand will empower you to build predictive models for the future.

Engagement Overview

The client wanted to leverage our expertise in customer analytics to devise strategies to engage with their customers in the most effective way. Through this engagement, the gluten free diet foods manufacturer wanted to focus their marketing efforts on specific subsets of customer segments rather than the broad universe of potential customers.

Engagement Outcome

The segmentation analysis solution enabled the client to implement suitable segmentation models to divide the potential customers into discrete sub-groups. The value-based approach enabled the client to clearly define and target the best prospects while satisfying the needs of each segment.

About the Client

A leading manufacturer of certified gluten free diet foods in North America.

Client’s Challenge

The client wanted to adopt and implement the right approach to segmentation analysis in the gluten free diet foods segment. The challenges faced by them primarily revolved around predicting the total future value of their business with an aim of addressing each customer segment in a way that is most likely to their future value. Hence, the gluten free foods client wanted to identify and implement appropriate customer segmentation models to profile valuable customers.

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Business Impact

Quantzig’s customer segmentation analysis solution helped the client to gain a deep understanding of how their best customers are segmented within the gluten free diet foods segment. Also, by deploying the suitable customer segmentation models, the client gained several ancillary benefits that enabled them to scale the business operations across their manufacturing units.

Customer Segmentation Analysis Insights

Conducting the best customer segmentation analysis and employing the right customer segmentation models can offer numerous benefits to an organization. Quantzig’s customer segmentation analysis solutions focus on minimizing the impact on a company’s bottom line. The solutions offered by our experts enabled the gluten free diet foods firm to scale their business efficiently while ensuring smooth operations across their business units, including product development and lead generation.

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