Marketing Analytics Study Helps a Food and Beverage Company Optimize Customer Reach

Sep 26, 2017

Lately, the food and beverage companies have started increasing their focus on innovations to move towards a more consumer-centric environment. With the increasing focus on consumer preference, food and beverage firms have started leveraging the use of marketing analytics to optimize customer expectations and reach. In the food and beverage industry landscape, marketing analytics helps firms measure, manage, and analyze marketing performance, subsequently maximizing effectiveness and enhancing ROI. Marketing analytics solutions also offer strategic insights into customer preferences; apart from analyzing marketing performance; thereby, helping firms make better-informed business decisions. Moreover, marketing analytics can help food and beverage firms measure key business metrics in terms of market effectiveness and market attribution.

Quantzig’s market analytics solution helps the client gather data across all marketing channels and create a one-stop-shop to scale the information and drive marketing efforts. Furthermore, Quantzig’s marketing analytics also assists the food and beverage companies to identify the technologies in the market space and subsequently allocate resources for the long run across channels.

The Business Challenge

As the food and beverage industry is highly competitive with the presence of numerous competitors, a company in this market space with offices spread across the globe was facing challenges targeting potential customers and optimizing their customer reach. As a result, the food and beverage client wanted to devise an efficient market analytics study to penetrate across niche market segments and improve their offerings. The client was also facing challenges such as pricing pressures and revenue stagnation-and wanted to implement a robust business model to gain a stronger foothold in the food and beverage landscape.

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Market Analytics Study Solution Benefits

A robust go-to-market research evaluation and an extensive research from multiple sources helped the food and beverage client gain a comprehensive understanding of customers and their preferences across channels and predicted the market behavior. The client also identified the features the customers were looking for and accordingly tailored the offerings. This market analytics study also helped them engage with customers in real-time and predict trends in customer behavior.

Market Analytics Study Predictive Insights:

  • Measure and analyze marketing performance and optimize ROI
  • Identify market trends and metrics to measure marketing success
  • Comprehend price and promotion analytics to optimize the businesses
  • Understand regression and evaluate marketing campaigns
  • Predict outcomes and accordingly allocate budgets

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