Customer Analytics in Food and Beverage Industry Helped the F&B Client with Logistics and Warehouse Order Management Systems During the Pandemic

Aug 19, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client A major US-based multinational food and beverage manufacturer partnered with Quantzig to evaluate the prospects of on-demand delivery services. 
Business Challenge The client also wanted to understand cloud kitchen as there is an increase in demand for international cuisine and the embracing of technology-driven ordering systems. 
Impact Quantzig leveraged its cutting-edge customer analytics solution to provide customer insights that helped the client to launch a food delivery system for the commercial sector in the US. Our solution also helped the client with logistics and warehouse order management systems. 

Game-Changing Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

The upheaval caused by the pandemic has accelerated the growth of contactless services. As retail sales dropped during the pandemic, e-commerce providers grew by nearly 15%. There was a surge in demand for items related to groceries or ICT equipment, personal protection, and home activities. As governments across the globe had prohibited restaurants from accepting dine-in customers, there was expansion in the food delivery industry.  

F&B products have vast information, such as shifting customer preference, consumer test results, experimental test findings, commercial performance, and an abundance of delivery apps. Machine learning gleans insights that can help enhance customer experience and subsequently increase the business’s market share. Quantzig offers a customer analytics solution to help F&B product developers identify and reach the customer quickly. The software blends customer data with technology to help companies accelerate delivery times, optimize operations, and enhance the customer experience to outperform the competition. 

The Challenges of the F&B Manufacturer 

A major US-based multinational food and beverage manufacturer partnered with Quantzig to develop a customer analytics solution to evaluate the growing popularity of on-demand delivery services. The client also wanted to gain a detailed understanding of cloud kitchens as there is high demand for embracing technology-driven ordering systems and the growing popularity of international cuisine. Moreover, the client wanted insights on the use of cloud kitchens by restaurant brands, grocery stores, and multi-branded restaurants, which have provided an added thrust for the growth of the cloud kitchen.   

The client sought our help to explore on-demand delivery software that will streamline the entire process, from displaying products up to delivering them to the customer quickly and receiving the payment. Some of the issues that the client wanted to resolve were as follows:   

  • Fluctuating market prices  
  • Shortage of workers  
  • Upholding safety and hygiene standards during the pandemic  
  • Unreliable delivery  
  • Inability to cope with the demand  
  • Improper product handling  
  • Payment methods and customer service  
  • Lack of raw materials and commodities   
  • Shifting customer preference  

Customer Analytics Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry 

Customer data holds immense value, and a detailed analysis of these data sets using advanced analytics methodologies can reveal incisive insights that can help build a customer-centric organization. Quantzig provided real-time data collection of customer expectations and needs, which offered insights about customer behavior and identified previously unimagined market opportunities. Quantzig’s solution also offered real-time dynamic routing, ETA accuracy, multi-drop product delivery, contactless payment, electronic proof of delivery, and automatic scheduling.  Quantzig deployed a cutting-edge customer analytics solution that provided customer insights and analyzed history/identity, web presence, buying patterns, customer sentiments, and offline and online touchpoints.  

Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Big Data Analytics Solutions  

After a year-long collaboration, the client was able to launch its product for the commercial sector in the US. Our intervention assisted the client in devising a transportation, warehouse, and order management system. The customer analytics helped the client to make decisions in real-time. Moreover, truck shipment tracking systems with high-tech upgrades helped consumers track product shipments in real-time. Our customer analytics solution helped the client implement systems that helped reduce operating costs, provide a better customer experience, streamline logistics and transportation, and create a presence in the e-commerce space. 

Key Outcomes of Customer Analytics: 

The food and beverage industry has gained enormously from customer analytics as it provides insights into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns that are factors that help devise products in demand. Quantzig’s big data analytics solution also provides visibility on the production and supply process, be it inventory management, production, or logistics. Our solutions can enable the resolution of various issues such as: 

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and buyer experience issues   
  • Demand analysis to drive production and supply 
  • Market segmentation based on typical customer characteristics  

A Broad Perspective on the role of Customer Data Analytics Solutions in the F&B Sector: 

Recent developments in data analytics integrated with AI are advantageous for the food and beverage industry. Retailers of food and beverages are saving millions of dollars because of predictive analysis. AI solutions these days are very flexible, so companies can achieve near-perfect predictions that consider market scenarios, customer preferences, seasonal shifts, competitive actions, and any other aspect that influences a product’s demand and the amount of time a product spends in warehouses or the store shelf. The application of big data solutions in the food industry will help companies juggle various parameters such as maintaining shelf life, adhering to storage requirements, addressing environmental concerns, and catering to different demographics, to name a few.  

Key Takeaways 

Quantzig’s Customer Analytics Solutions yielded the following benefits for the F&B manufacturer: 

  • Reduced operating costs  
  • Enhanced customer service  
  • Improved customer engagement and retention  
  • Managed order fulfillment and logistics operations  
  • Streamlined e-commerce to adapt to changing customer needs  
  • Optimized inventory with real-time insights  

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