Website Performance Assessment: How it Helped a Leading Media Company Enhance Search Engine Visibility

Jun 18, 2018

Media Industry Overview

In the rapidly changing media industry, there are several new challenges as well as opportunities for media companies. The way media firms operated a few years ago is very different from what it is today. This is mainly because we now live in a world where far more media is being created than ever before and that too for different types of devices. As a result, Over the Top (OTT) content providers have grown considerably. Also, the growth of connected devices and social media has further fueled the demand.

What the Client Wanted

Assess the quality of their website and enhance search engine visibility.

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The Outcome

Helped the media company assess website performance and develop precise strategies for immediate implementation on the website.

Challenges Faced by the Media Company

Mitigating cyber risks: Protecting both the content and integrity of consumers is now a powerful imperative for media companies. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ but a question of ‘how’ and ‘when’. Therefore, every media company must prioritize and plan cybersecurity to protect the assets of their customers and develop ongoing efforts to consistently maintain the focus.

Accelerating market growth: Technological advancements have accelerated the pace at which the demand and supply intersect across industries. Hence, the dynamics of the media industry is constantly changing, pressurizing the ecosystem to move more quickly.

About the Client

A leading media company that helps the organization in media planning and in developing precise communications strategies.

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Client’s Challenge

To identify the weaknesses and strengths of their website – a leading media company – approached Quantzig to engage in a website performance assessment. The client wanted to determine their search engine visibility and assess the ease of accessing their webpage. The media company also preferred obtaining targeted recommendations for improving their website’s performance and search engine friendliness.

Summary of Our Website Performance Assessment

Media Company

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s website performance assessment, the media company developed precise strategies to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the game in the search engines. Our solutions also helped them improve their website’s online marketing potential. Additionally, the team seamlessly integrated data across several marketing channels, which offered advanced capabilities that helped the client enhance their decision making to improve trade spending efficiency.

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Website Performance Solution Insights

Quantzig’s website performance assessment helps players in the media industry to assess and monitor user experience for web applications across economies. Website performance assessment also provides detailed geographic user coverage and enables them to determine how users from different geographic locations would experience a website. Additionally, it helps in the identification of website performance monitoring tools to further enhance the quality of the webpage.

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