Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping to Uncover New Insights & Explore Future Growth Opportunities Within the Cardiovascular Drugs Segment

Oct 29, 2019

The Challenge

The evolution of the traditional patient journey mapping approach to a more connected, data-driven approach has helped healthcare organizations to track and analyze factors that drive patient engagement, impact treatment decisions, and uncover innovative ways to position themselves for commercial success. A modern approach to patient journey mapping is one that offers deeper insights into stakeholder interactions, illuminates intervention points for drug manufacturers, and offers a strong foundation to develop strategies for the impactful activation of commercial markets. 

With a keen eye on exploring future growth opportunities within the cardiovascular drugs segment, the client, a well-known pharmaceutical company based out of the United States wanted to evaluate the potential impact of pursuing multiple future cardiology indications for drug discovery and label expansion. Owing to the alternative therapies and multiple treatment options available to patients today, their current offerings were exhibiting a plateaued performance with no signs of growth in the concerned market segment.

Considering the growing competition in the cardiovascular drugs market, the client needed to analyze where they stand to develop an optimal launch plan for new patient segments. This is when they approached Quazntig as they wanted to leverage an integrated approach to patient journey mapping to skilfully capture patient perspectives and analyze the treatment pathways, disease flow, and key points that impact therapy/drug selection.

Our Approach

A detailed analysis of the client’s challenges revealed that a targeted launch plan for the introduction of the new drug to specific patient cohorts was crucial to the success of their initiative. To help them succeed, we adopted a multi-step approach to patient journey mapping- one which focused on analyzing patient data sets to visually represent treatment pathways and disease progression. This success story is an example of a modern patient journey mapping in action. Details of the solutions offered are described below.

Realizing the issue, the client set out to address this problem by leveraging patient journey analytics. It was clear that they needed a robust solution that would help them understand patient journeys and commercialize new drug applications.

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Step 1: Data Discovery 

The initial phase of this patient journey mapping engagement focused on improving data quality and data accessibility. Our experts conducted a comprehensive data audit to analyze data sets and system infrastructure to bridge gaps and identify the required transformations.

Step 2: Data Processing

The second phase of this patient journey mapping engagement focused on conducting a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gathered data sets to uncover key factors that impact patient journeys.

Step 3: Data Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the real-world data including electronic health records, insurance claims, and treatment pathways helped uncover discrepancies in provider perceptions on the efficiencies of drugs.

Step 4: Patient Journey Mapping

The final phase focused on mapping the patient journey to analyze their journey and draw conclusive insights on the progression of diseases and the prescribed drugs.

A structured approach to patient journey mapping helped layer primary and secondary research data with behavioral data sets such as medical records, EHR, and DRG to identify areas of unmet needs across multiple patient populations. This not only helped the client to prioritize their trial activity but also provided a foundation for targeted launch planning. The areas of unmet needs were further hypothesized based on an analysis of patterns found within the patient data sets, and this hypothesis drove a rapid iterative approach to the qualitative analysis uncovering the fact that this unmet need was largely unacknowledged due to the standardized methods of care.

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Business Impact

Quantzig’s patient journey mapping engagement served as the basis for the client’s new drug launch initiative by providing the necessary evidence and setting the groundwork for devising action plans around the clinical trials, drug launches, product positioning, and patient journeys. Establishing a robust patient journey mapping strategy helped them devise a roadmap that helped them make crucial decisions right from the clinical trial phase through launch and beyond. Our multi-step approach to patient journey mapping aided the client in gauging the impacts and prioritizing the commercial activities based on treatment pathways, disease progression, and the associated impacts.

The four-pronged approach to patient journey mapping helped the client to:

  • Discover and quantify the key transition points along the continuum of care for patients 
  • Analyze the common patient treatment pathways and the drug discovery process from the provider, patient, and payer lenses
  • Capture perceptions on different drug therapies in target cohorts and required evidence to change the standard of care
  • Identify and analyze potential leverage points to impact the use and prescription of the new drug
  • Devise a roadmap for underpinning future value propositions [spacer height=”10px”]

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