Patient Journey Analysis – A 360° Overview of Patient’s Journey Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease

May 21, 2017

Quantzig’s recent study on patient journey analysis engagement for a leading pharmaceutical company helps validate the efficacy of their clinical trials and understand the progression of Crohn’s disease in patients.

Patient Journey Analysis – An Overview

Healthcare and pharmaceutical giants are increasing their focus on understanding the patients’ journey to understand the impact of the use of technology and to improve patient care. Patient journey analysis is the method of observing the various stages the patient goes through, including the first awareness of symptoms through all stages of disease progression and treatment. The quantitative analysis of the data obtained from this monitoring process helps doctors, healthcare providers, and payers to make decisions that are in the best interest of the patient’s wellbeing. Moreover, this analysis helps healthcare professionals to implement technology that improves patient care, satisfaction levels, and the overall experience. A reliable and meticulously researched patient journey provides pharmaceutical companies with the groundwork for creating a successful brand strategy.

The growing adopting of big data analytics will revolutionize patient monitoring in the healthcare industry. With the use of advanced computer networks, information on patient health can be analyzed faster for medical research and treatment. Pharmaceutical companies are using patient journey analysis to identify the most appropriate drug and treatment patterns based on each patient’s characteristics.

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Increased R&D

Due to the rising prevalence of Crohn’s disease, pharmaceutical companies are investing in R&D for drug development and understand the patient’s journey. Quantzig’s patient journey analysis engagement helps pharmaceutical companies in identifying the most relevant drug and treatment patterns based on each patient’s characteristics. This study also provides valuable insights on clinical trials and examines the influence of various therapies that are available in the market.

Technological Innovations

With improved technology for Crohn’s disease diagnosis, doctors can easily determine the difference between inflammation and fibrosis and deliver timely and efficient treatment. Imaging modalities such as CT enterography (CTE) and magnetic resonance enterography (MRE) are some of the advanced technologies used in the treatment of Crohn’s disease. Ultrasound elasticity imaging (UEI) is a non-invasive method that allows doctors to differentiate between inflammation and fibrosis and provide appropriate care.

Outcomes and Solutions

The research team at Quantzig provided real-time insights on drug performance under comorbid conditions. Some of the key findings of the engagement are as follows:

  • Create a validation framework to understand the efficacy of clinical trials against real-world data based on the findings and insights from the patient journey
  • Provide patient treatment path using data from laboratory test results, patient demographics, radiology reports, pharmacy information, hospital admission, discharge summaries, and progress notes
  • Patients from urban and industrialized geographies were diagnosed to have a higher risk by
  • The risks of frequent surgeries were reduced to half in patients with high adherence to drugs post initial surgery

The complete case study on patient journey analysis engagement for a leading pharma company is now available.

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