Web Crawling and Text Mining Helps Home Appliance Manufacturer Increase 11% Sales Revenues

Jun 13, 2017

Quantzig’s recent study on web crawling and text mining for a leading home appliance manufacturer and retailer in Europe assures improvement in customer satisfaction by threefold.

Rise in the Number of eCommerce Platforms

The home appliance retail sector is witnessing dynamic changes in regulations, consumer preferences, and the rise of e-commerce platforms. The constant innovations are raising the competition in the market and increasing the requirement for benchmarking product prices. The manufacturers are focusing on collecting feedback from different consumer segments, third-party retailers, and competitor pricing to launch cost-effective product offerings. Web crawling and text mining help extract data from various websites and form useful informational patterns and statistics for better decision making. Data analytics help companies to examine key trends and follow websites used by competitors to predict future market developments. The latest web crawling and text mining study by Quantzig develops solutions that optimize marketing strategies, price points, and enhance product features based on customer feedback. The study helps organizations optimize price points and benchmark competitors to streamline their focus on customer segments using targeted campaigns.

The adoption of big data analytics helps businesses analyze valuable data for decision making. Companies leverage information from big data to understand consumer needs and preferences, their perception of the brand, and brand image of the company. Digitalization of operations is mandating data analytics for businesses across industries to remain competitive in the market. Moreover, it helps organizations to develop solutions based on supplier analysis, sentiment analysis, and sales forecasting.

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Integrating CMS with Analytics

Content management system (CMS) is an administrative tool used by several websites and digital platforms. CMS offers information on the performance of the pages and pieces of content and the interaction levels of the visitors to the site. The service providers in the market are enabling plug and play integration with web analytics tools to enable their internal site owners. Additionally, CMS helps in personalization decisions for websites and generate more omnichannel analytics.

Superior Logistics and Inventory Management

Companies are using web crawling and text mining to manage logistics and inventory. The data analytics tools analyze the demand trends and help organizations to make a quick response to demand spikes. Logistics and inventory management improves the efficiency of supply chains and reduces overstocking and underproduction. Data points help companies make timely decisions, offer faster feedbacks, and automates replenishment processes.

Outcomes and Solutions Offered

Quantzig’s digital analytics team offers effective web crawling and text mining solutions for a leading home appliance manufacturer and retailer to enhance price points and improve product performance. Some of the solutions offered are as follows:

  • Improved the pricing and promotion scenarios across multiple products categories, which resulted in around 10% cost saving based on targeted offers
  • Enhanced product bundles and price modifications based on customer feedback and product reviews
  • Identified drivers and analyzed the level of customer engagement, prospective customers, and design targeted campaigns to increase cross-selling opportunities
  • Offered scalable solution with 99% uptime and data accuracy and real-time insights on dashboards with customizable features
  • Analyzed brand performance based on the product volume in different sales rank buckets by category, geography, and product

The complete case study on web crawling and text mining for a leading home appliance manufacturer and retailer is now available.

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