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Oct 25, 2019

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People today tend to associate visual merchandising with retail, making it seem like it’s solely reserved for clothing and the CPG goods segment and not the pharma retail space. However, one cannot ignore the fact that customers today are well-informed and are looking for not just the products of their choice but a personalized shopping experience. Besides, if you’ve stocked up on all the essentials in your pharmacy and no one is purchasing them, then it may be very likely that you follow a flawed visual merchandising strategy.

However, there is a common problem that haunts businesses from various retail segments, and it revolves around restricted growth owing to obsolete systems that don’t facilitate visibility, promote efficiency, or enable change. The other challenges faced by retailers across segments include – lack of cross-channel visibility, inability to identify new opportunities, and growing customer needs.

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How do you Get the Insights to Succeed and Grow in a Customer-Driven Pharma Retail Landscape?

From inventory to customer service management, pharmacies today need to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates customers to purchase products at each stage of their buying journey, regardless of the channel or touchpoint. Quantzig’s visual merchandising analytics solutions provide a single source for consolidated transaction information across your organization. It also enables better business visibility, coordinated cross-functional processes, and efficient exception management by providing retailers with the insight to understand factors driving the performance of pharma merchandising.

Why Pharmacies Need Visual Merchandising?

A common question that pharmacists often ask is – ‘Will visual merchandising help me retain existing customers and attract new customers?’ Like the other retail segments, pharmacists must focus on retaining and attracting customers by leveraging advanced analytics solutions. Visual merchandising analytics can help pharmacies devise new strategies to stay on par with their competitors from various lifestyle retail segments. A well-planned visual merchandising strategy will help prompt customers to make impulsive purchases by offering personalized in-store experiences.

Here are a few benefits of pharma visual merchandising:

  • Shopfront design and brand identity
  • Cross merchandising opportunities
  • New upselling opportunities
  • Sales improvements
  • Personalization of in-store experiences

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Why Choose Quantzig as Your Next Visual Merchandising Analytics Solutions Provider?

Our unique combination of people, process, and technology help our clients gain unparalleled visibility into business processes and factors driving growth. 

Seasoned visual merchandising analytics experts 

Our highly skilled team of analysts and data scientists are people who possess the ability to use statistics, quantitative analysis, cognitive technologies, and information-modeling techniques to fuel better business decisions.

Analytics expertise infused across all visual merchandising processes 

Our deep visual merchandising analytics expertise has empowered businesses to transform their operations using role-based use cases that help execute targeted action plans. 

Powerhouse of advanced analytics methodologies

Our advanced merchandising analytics solutions help businesses to seamlessly integrate external and internal data sets and transform them into actionable insights that can be leveraged for decision-making. 

Ready to Harness Game-Changing Insights?

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