Big Data Analytics for a Leading Probiotic Food Manufacturer: A Quantzig Case Study

Jun 22, 2018

Summary of the Probiotic Food Industry

Consumers across the globe are conscious about their snacking habits and are increasingly adopting healthier food habits today. Also, the rising awareness of the benefits of probiotic foods is a major growth driver for the market. This trend is gaining popularity as regular consumption of probiotic foods prevents the growth of harmful bacteria inside the digestive tract; thereby, enhancing the absorption of nutrients.

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Industry Challenges

Consumer-centric healthcare: Today, factors such as healthcare innovations and technological trends are driving the shift towards consumer-centric health care. This has increased awareness among the global population and helped them to play an active role in any treatment plan.

Drug approval stagnation: Drug-specific issues and stricter guidelines have been major factors contributing to the stagnation of drug approvals. Such factors pose major challenges for probiotic food manufacturers and decrease the time-to-market for the drugs.

Engagement Summary

About the Client

A world-renowned probiotic food manufacturer based out of the United States.

Client’s Challenge

The company was facing challenges in increasing their focus on gaining actionable insights into customer metrics and building stronger bonds with their best customers owing to the competition in the industry. The probiotic foods manufacturer also wanted to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and reduce churn rates. By leveraging strategies such as customer acquisition, aggressive pricing, promotion, and customization, the manufacturer of probiotic foods wanted to facilitate effective loss prevention.

Business Impact

The probiotic foods manufacturer was able to anticipate the future behavior of the customers and accordingly segment them in order of their importance with the help of Quantzig’s big data analytics solution. Additionally, they were able to offer personalized product and services to the customers, which further helped them to efficiently improve the overall customer experience.

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Big Data Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s big data analytics solutions help food and beverage industry players to enhance customer experience, innovative products and devise risk management strategies. Additionally, with the help of these solutions, companies can streamline the purchasing activities of the consumers and proactively track them.

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